Fonteva now supports a unified registration experience for both in-person and virtual events through Webinar Sync, a Fonteva Marketplace Extension App. Webinar Sync works with the Zoom webinar platforms to enable customers to offer virtual events that supplement and complement in-person offerings.

Key Features

  • Create webinar events entirely through Fonteva Events in Salesforce, or simply link an Event in Fonteva to a pre-existing event in your webinar platform

  • Manage attendee communications in your webinar platform or using your current MarTech stack in Salesforce

  • Automatically create registrations in the webinar system from attendee records in Fonteva

  • Sync registration information back to Fonteva in Salesforce from the webinar system

  • Support multiple Zoom accounts in a single environment

This documentation is specific to the licensed version of Webinar Sync and may not apply to beta, trial, or free versions of the app.

Next Steps

Install Webinar Sync