To end an Invoice, you must void the Invoice. Voiding is used when the A/R is no longer considered valid. You might need to void an Invoice if, for example, a customer receives a damaged purchase or wants to return and refund an item they purchased.

To void an Invoice:

  1. [Navigate] to the Invoices tab.

  2. [Click] the Invoice number of the Invoice you wish to void. The Invoice page will open.

  3. [Click] the Edit button. The Invoice Edit page will open.

  4. [Click] the Status field and [Select] Voided from the drop down menu.

  5. [Click] the Save button to void the Invoice. The Status field will display Voided on the Invoice record.

Do not select the Cancelled option from the Status field drop down menu. The Cancelled option does not successfully end the Invoice at this time.