Why Void or Authorize a Pre-Authorized Payment?

When a payment is pre-authorized for a certain amount but that amount then changes, the token for the payment needs to be voided and a new token authorized for the new payment amount.

Let’s return to the hotel checkout example. Your credit card was authorized at check-in for the price of your room, but then you ordered some room service during your stay. The original hold on your card needs to be voided and a new hold including the cost of your room service needs to be authorized so it can be captured and turned into funds so you can pay for the entirety of your stay at checkout.

Voiding and authorizing payments also helps customers avoid overage fees from the bank and can ensure authorization is still good after time has passed.

Set Up Services to Void and Authorize Tokens

You will need to set up the services required to to void the original authorized token and authorize a new token. Fonteva provides these services below:

Service Name: PaymentAuthorizationService

Operation Name: Authorize

The URL should look as follows:


Operation Name: Void

The URL should look as follows:


Voiding and Authorizing Payment

When a user calls the void service, the system will update the ePayment record to show it is Void.

When a user calls the authorization service, the system will authorize the remaining amount on the ePayment and create a new ePayment Line for that amount.