Venues designate the location(s) of the event. For Lightning Events, one or more venues appear on the Venues Page by default in the form of the Primary Venue, Secondary Venue, and Venue Map components.

How to Configure Venues in Event Builder

  1. In Event Builder, from the left-side navigation, select the Venues tab.

  2. Click  Add Venue.
  3. From the Venue Name text box, enter Venue Name.

  4. Check Is Primary.


    This will populate the Primary Venue and Venue Map components configured on the Event Pages. There can only be one Primary Venue.


     If your venue has a complete address and is marked as Primary, it will display in the Geo Location view on the Event Listing page in your Community.

  5. Optional: Enter a Venue Description.
  6. In the Address field, enter Venue Address.
  7. From the Venue Image URL field, Upload Venue Image.
  8. Click Save & Continue.