Manage Inventory: Event Builder


For Private Events, the event capacity may be less than the number of attendees since you may invite more attendees than you expect to respond. Enabling Waitlisting for tickets is recommended for these events if you invite more attendees than your capacity allows.

Enter your ticket quantity to your Ticket Type using Manage Inventory.

  1. Click Manage Inventory from the Tickets tab in the Event Builder. The Manage Inventory window will open. Every Ticket Type you’ve created will show up in the window under the Name column. Each Ticket Type will also have an editable field for ticket quantity in the Available Quantity column.

  2. Enter the number of tickets you want available for a Ticket Type in the Available Quantity field for the corresponding Ticket Type.

    In this example, there is only one Ticket Type, so we are listing the entire ticket quantity (75) under Available Quantity. In the case of multiple Ticket Types, you can divide your ticket quantity up amongst the different Ticket Types however you like.

Ticket Capacity: Ticket Type Record

You can also view capacity stats on your Event's record page in the Capacity  and Sales & Registration Tools sections.

  • Ticket Capacity: The maximum number of tickets that can be sold for the event.
  • Total Event Capacity: System Calculated: The total number of individual tickets + (number of Group Tickets X the number of attendees per Group Ticket).
  • Number of Registered Attendees: System Calculated: The number of purchased individual tickets + (purchased total number of Group Tickets X the number of attendees per Group Ticket).
  • Event Capacity Remaining: System Calculated: Total Event Capacity – Number of Registered Attendees.

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