Taxes are applied at the Item level and displayed at Checkout and on the Sales Receipt once an Item has been purchased. Taxes are configured through Locales and/or Tax Rates in the Staff View. Admins must configure Organization Default Tax Settings and designate the GL Account for Tax Liabilities prior to setting up taxes on the Item record level. Optionally, you can enter the necessary API Names into the Required Tax Fields (CSV) field on the related Business Group record in order to allow staff users to configure the required tax fields on the Checkout page.

Taxes are composed of four primary components and must be configured in the order below:

  1. Tax Class

  2. Tax Locale

  3. Tax Rates

  4. Taxable Items

You can also apply Tax Inclusive Pricingif you’d like to include calculated tax in an Item’s displayed price in the Store.

Multi-jurisdictional Sales Tax and Value  Added  Tax (VAT) (commonly used throughout the European Union) must be configured to present the final price paid for an item. Tax exempted entities need to add a custom field to the Account or Contact record for reporting and accounting purposes.