The system will automatically prioritize which invoice line gets payment applied first based on the factors covered in the Payment Prioritization article. However, if you want to apply a partial payment to certain items or an overpayment to create credit for future use, you can override the system’s payment prioritization.

To override system prioritization:

  1. Check the box for Override Invoice Payment Prioritization. The box for Payment Amount will gray out, and any amount inside it will become void.

  2. The amounts in the Payment column for each invoice line will become editable fields. Type the amount you want to apply toward each invoice line. If a credit has been applied toward the payment, the amounts in the Credit column will become editable fields for each invoice line. Type the amount of credit you would like to apply to each invoice line.

  3. Any invoice line items paid in full will be marked Paid in Full. Any invoice line items that have received a partial payment will be marked Underpayment.

  4. Each Invoice will display a summary of the amount paid, any credit applied, the total combined amount paid, any balance due, and any write-offs applied to the Invoice.

  5. A complete summary of the total amount paid and a break down of any credit applied, any write-offs applied, the amount you have paid towards the Invoice(s), and any balance due will generate at the bottom of the Apply Payment page.

  6. If you are satisfied with this summary, select Apply Payment to pay the Invoice(s). A Receipt will be generated for your payment.