Subscriptions are items with time parameters and renewal options associated with them. When purchased, they are assigned to Accounts and/or Contacts. Subscriptions are purchased in the eStore and modified by customers in their Community Portal.  

Subscription Examples Include:

  • Memberships

  • Magazine/publication subscriptions

  • Certification renewals

Subscription Workflow

The system allows for the creation of Calendar,  Termed, and Lifetime subscriptions that can be prorated and managed in the Community Portal. When creating an item that has “Is Subscription” checked, you cannot activate the item until you assign at least one Subscription Plan. Therefore, when creating Subscriptions it is important to follow the Subscription Workflow listed below:

  1. Item Class for Subscriptions - Item Classes group and set options for items at the class level. When working with Subscriptions, a specific Subscription Item Class must be created before .

    • Assignment Roles - Assignment Roles control access to important functions related to viewing and modifying subscriptions in the Community Portal.

  2. Subscription Plans:
    Choose a Subscription Plan Type:

    Configure Optional Subscription Settings:

    • Installment Schedule Options - Detail the frequency a subscriber is invoiced, or automatically charged, for a subscription.

    • Advanced Calendar Days - Specifies how to process a subscription purchased within the specified number of days before the next calendar term. 

    • Invoice and Auto-Renew Options - Manage Calendar and Termed subscription plans options.

    • Grace Periods - Specifies the number of days a member can renew without the loss of benefits after the Subscription Term End Date

  3. Managing Subscriptions

Subscription Status

Each subscription record includes a Status field indicating the current state for the selected subscription. The status is automatically calculated based on the Start Date, Paid Through Date, and Grace Period Date but can also be updated manually. There are five status options:





The subscription Start Date is between the current date and the Paid Through or Grace Period dates.

subStartDate <= TODAY 


(Paid_Through_Date__c >= TODAY OR Grace_Period_End_Date__c >= TODAY)


The subscription Start, Paid Through, and Grace Period dates are in the future or Start Date is empty.

(subStartDate > OR subStartDate == null) 


(Paid_Through_Date__c > TODAY OR Grace_Period_End_Date__c > TODAY)


The subscription Paid Through date has passed and the Grace Period has ended or does not apply.

TODAY > Paid_Through_Date__c


(Grace_Period_End_Date__c == null OR TODAY > Grace_Period_End_Date__c)


The subscription was manually cancelled by the user or staff.

Status__c = “Cancelled” OR Is_Cancelled__c = true


The subscription was manually interrupted by the user or staff.

Status__c = “Suspended” OR Is_Suspended__c = true

Subscriptions in the Community Portal

Subscription items can be added to the Community Portal where customers can purchase new subscriptions and manage or modify existing subscriptions. Customer modifications include renewing subscriptions, changing payment methods for auto-renewals, and upgrading subscription plans.