Subscription Plans define the Term of the Subscription, auto-renew options, and proration rules. Subscription Plans are assigned to one or more items.

Types of Subscription Plans:

The configuration of Subscription Plans will vary depending on the type of Subscription Plan desired. The system supports three types of Subscription Plans:

  • Calendar- Has a defined Start and End Date.

  • Termed- Starts at the time of purchase and continues through the defined term of the subscription. This is set by populating the Initial Term (Months) and Renewal Term (Months) fields on the Subscription Plan record.

  • Lifetime- Defines a term of 100 years from the purchase date.

The Start Date calculation for any subscription or term will be calculated as the same date as the Activation Date.

A Schedule Job (SubscriptionBatchableScheduler) will need to be scheduled. This will update the Days to Lapse, Status, and performs auto-renewals. This will only need to be done once in your system, until the end date of the scheduled job has past. Once the End Date of the Schedule Item has past then a new Schedule Job will need to be created. See our Scheduled Jobs page for more information.