Lightning Event Statuses can be configured to show different Pages for each stage of the event. There are three default Statuses: Planned, Active, and Closed. However, more Statuses can be added.

How to Change the Current Status of an Event

  1. From the Event Builder, click the Status tab.

  2. Select the Desired Status from the dropdown.


    The status of the event will display as Current Status in the Status menu.

How to Create a New Status

  1. In Event Builder select the Statuses tab.

  2. Click + New Status buttonThe Create Event Status modal will open.

  3. Enter the Status Name.

  4. Check Registration Open if registration is enabled while the Event is in the New Status.
  5. Check Published to Portal if the Event is Published while in the New Status.
  6. Check Enable Transition for Status to automate your Status Changes.


    In order to Enable Transition for the Status, the staff user must also input a valid Status Transition Criteria text box and ensure there is a Scheduled Job created for Transitioning Statuses. See the section below on Status Transition Criteria.

  7. Click Save & Continue.

Closed Status

A Status designated as Closed is created when you check Published to Portal but leave Registration Open unchecked. This generates the Closed Event Status field. Text you enter into this field will show up in place of the registration button on your Event Site when registration is closed.

Disable Default Statuses

If your organization does not use one of the three default Statuses (Planned, Active, Closed) for events, System Administrators can disable them from the Setup menu.


Events must have at least one Default Status.
  1. Click the Lightning Gear icon at the top right of the window and select Setup. Setup will open in a new tab.
  2. From the left-side nav, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Setup Quick Find / Search Bar. The All Custom Metadata Types page will open.

  3. From the table, locate the Event Status Template label, and click Manage Records to the left of it.
  4. Click Edit next to an existing Template.

  5. Uncheck Is Enabled to remove it as a default Status..
  6. Click Save.


Additional Steps

Please see the Status Transition Criteria page for more information on automatically moving from one status to another.