Sponsor Packages are the items sold to Event Sponsors. These packages can be configured directly from Event Builder and can be advertised in the All Sponsors component on the Sponsors page.

How to Configure Sponsor Packages in Event Builder

  1. In the Event Builder, from the left-side navigation, select the Sponsor Packages tab.

  2. Check Enable Sponsor Sales.
  3. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner of Event Builder.

    Clicking Save on the Event Builder after checking this box is a crucial step. The event must be enabled to support Sponsor Sales before they can be configured.
  4. Click  Add New Sponsor Package.

  5. Check Is Active.
  6. In the Sponsor Package Name text box, enter Sponsor Package Name.
  7. In the Price field, enter Sponsor Package Price.
  8. Optional features include: 
    1. Enter Quantity Available.
    2. Enter Sponsor Package Description.
    3. Upload Image or enter Image URL.
  9. Click Save & Continue.

Although the Sponsor Package Name and Description will appear in the "All Sponsors" component of the event, the item itself will not display as Sponsorships are typically processed from the staff-view. If you would like to display the items on the event for purchase, it can be added to a Catalog on a Campaign Page with the URL linked to the Sponsor Package Description.