Event Speaker records can be configured directly in the Event Builder.

Configure Speakers

  1. In Event Builder, from the left-side navigation, select the Speakers tab.

  2. Click+ New Speaker. The New Speaker modal will open.

  3. Enter a name in the Speaker Name field.
  4. In the Status picklist, select Accepted.


    Only Accepted Speakers will appear on events.

  5. Additional features include:
    1. Look up to the Speaker's corresponding Contact Record.
    2. Enter Title.
    3. Enter Company Name.
    4. Upload Speaker Photo or insert Photo URL.
    5. Enter the Speaker Bio.

  6. Check Is Featured to have the speaker appear in the Featured Speakers component
  7. Optional: Enter URLs for Speaker's Social Media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  8. Click Save & Continue.

From the Speakers tab, you can drag and drop the Speakers into the order you would like them to appear on the Speaker and Featured Speakers components.

Speakers in the Community Portal Event

Speakers display by default in the Speaker component on the Speakers tab.

If you click the speaker name associated with a given session, a popup window will open with the speaker’s bio and picture. Click X to exit the window.

Additionally, Speakers can be marked as Featured and appear on the Featured Speakers component in Lightning Events.

Speakers also appear in the description of the Agenda Items with which they are associated. Although Speakers can be configured directly from Event Builder, Staff Users need to locate the Schedule Item record in order to attach a Speaker to it.

How to Attach Speakers to Schedule Items

  1. Navigate to the Events tab.
  2. Select an existing event record.
  3. Locate a Schedule Item from the Schedule related list under Related and click a Schedule Item Name to open the record.

  4. Locate the Speakers related list under Related, and click the New Speaker Schedule Item button.

  5. Enter the Speaker Name, select the previously-configured Speaker record, and select the Role.
  6. Click Save.