Skip Logic is a feature of the Form Builder app which allows the form creator to dynamically show or hide fields based on a respondent’s answers to previous questions.

Skip Logic can only be activated for Checkbox and Picklist fields. Based on the respondent’s answer, additional Destination fields will appear on the form. For example, if an Event attendee checks a Checkbox containing the question “Do you have any food allergies?” they will then be presented with a picklist to choose their meal preferences. This picklist will be hidden to anyone who does not have food allergies.

Skip Logic improves the user experience by streamlining the process of form submission while also expanding the amount of information gathered on a single form.

Configure Skip Logic for Checkboxes

This will create a true/false question the user will check or leave blank to answer.

  1. Click the + New Field button at the top of the page to create the Source field. The source field controls which Destination field displays based on the user’s response. In other words it's the field you add the Skip Logic to.

  2. Set Type = Checkbox.

  3. Enter Field Label.

  4. If the Field is mapped to an Object, enter desired Database Operations.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the + New Field button at the top of the page. You need to create Destination fields to serve as True/False checkbox answers.


    Destination fields must belong to the same Field Group as the original Source field.


    All Destination fields must be listed after the Source field.

  7. Once the Destination fields are created, click the + Skip Logic button next to the Source field in Form Builder.

  8. Enter Destination fields for Checkbox = TRUE and Checkbox = FALSE.

  9. Click Save.

Configure Skip Logic for Picklists

This will create a picklist question with answers that can generate additional questions or fields.

  1. Click the + New Field button at the top of the page to create the Source field.

  2. Set Type = Picklist.


    Multi-Picklists do not support Skip Logic.

  3. Enter Field Label.

  4. Enter Picklist Options on separate lines. Follow the directions for the field.

  5. If the Field Group is mapped to an Object, enter desired Database Operations.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click the +New Field button at the top of the page to configure Destination fields.


    Destination fields must belong to the same Field Group as the original Source field.


    All Destination fields must be listed after the Source field.

  8. Configure the Destination field.

  9. Repeat steps for any additional picklist values you want to add a Destination field to.

  10. Once the Destination fields are created, click the + Skip Logic button next to the Source field in Form Builder.

  11. Enter Destination fields for Picklist Values.


    Not all picklist options need to contain a destination.

  12. Click Save.

An interlocking circles icon will be present on all fields marked as Destination fields. A chain link icon will be present on all Source fields with active skip logic.