The eStore allows organizations to charge for shipping as a part of the checkout process. There are three components to the Shipping feature:

  1. Shipping Region

  2. Shipping Carrier and Delivery Method

  3. Shipping Rate

Upon checkout, authenticated and unauthenticated shoppers will be asked to enter a shipping address only if their order contains items that require shipping.

Shipping can be configured to accommodate most business and marketing scenarios, such as:

  • Free shipping if the order total exceeds or is below a threshold weight or price.

  • Encouraging customers to add more items to their Shopping Cart to qualify for free shipping.

  • Flat shipping on every order with the ability to adjust the flat rate for promotional periods or seasonal buying patterns.

  • Tiered shipping rates for common destinations and flat rates for the rest of the world.

  • Allow shipping to specific countries and prevent shipping to everywhere else.

Shipping costs appear as individual lines on the Sales Order, allowing staff users to accommodate partial refunds, without refunding the shipping cost. Shipping costs can be assigned to individual General Ledger accounts to track spending with individual carriers, such as UPS or Fedex.

Admins can configure as many Shipping Rates as needed based on:

  • Destination Country

  • Shipping Carrier

  • Delivery Method

  • Item Weight or Item Value