Tax Locales refer to the Countries,  Provinces,  States, Cities, and Zip Codes that may have various taxation policies related to the selling of products.  

System Admins must set the tax locale to account for the variations between multi-jurisdictional tax rates.

Create a Tax Locale:

  1. Navigate to the Business Groups tab and select the desired Business Group

  2. Click Related to access the related lists and locate the Tax Locales related list. 

  3. Click the New button. The New Tax Locale modal will open.

  4. Type a name in the Tax Locale Name field.

  5. In the Tax Locale Field, type the API name of the Sales Order Line field that the system is to evaluate for the Tax Locale. 

    1. To view API Field Names, navigate to Setup. In the Quick Find search bar, search for Objects and select Objects under the Create heading. From the Custom Objects list select the Sales Order Line object to view API field names.

  6. In the Locale Values (CSV) field, provide the desired values that, when found in the Tax Locale Field, will cause an item to be taxed the associated Tax Rate. Typically, these values will be State,  Country, or Zip Code values. Multiple values can be input in the Locale Values (CSV) field. However, these values must be separated by commas, i.e. United States, USA, US.

  7. In the Default Tax Account field, select the desired Tax Account.

  8. Click Save.

Now you’re ready to set up your Taxable Items.