When Multi-Currency is enabled for your organization, Staff users will need to be aware of expected behavior for Sales Orders and their related records. This page details the additional considerations around Sales Orders and Multi-Currency.

The Basics

Sales Orders will reflect the functional currency of the order in the Currency field. The Sales Order (R) field provides a link to the Reporting Record. Sales Order lines must match the Sales Order’s Currency field. If you are purchasing items from multiple Business Groups, the currencies must match in order to be on the same Sales Order.

Changing a Sales Order’s Currency

There are circumstances where it may be appropriate to change a Sales Order’s Currency. However, there are also guardrails in the system to ensure that currencies remain consistent throughout the order process. This section will provide you with the guidelines around changing a Sales Order’s currency.

You CAN Change a Currency When:

  • There are no related records. Example: A Sales Order has been created, but nothing has been added to it yet.

You Can NOT Change a Currency When:

  • Any transactions have been made. Example: If a partial payment has been made, if the balance due = 0, or if the Sales Order status is Paid.

  • Any related records have been created. Example: Items, Sales Order lines, Transaction lines.