Renewals can be processed directly by members via the Community Portal. However, staff users can also renew Subscriptions on the Subscription’s record.

If a Member has upgraded their original Membership and would like to renew the upgraded Membership, you will need to renew the Subscription from the corresponding upgraded Subscription record.

Renewing a Subscription does NOT create a new Subscription. Instead, it creates a new Term record related to the existing subscription.

However, if the Subscription Item IS changed on the Sales Order's corresponding Sales Order Line, the renewal will be interpreted as an upgrade, therefore a new Subscription record will be created.

Best Practice: It is recommended that if a subscription is renewed before the grace period ends, that it should be treated as a renewal. Subscriptions purchased after the grace period should be treated as a new subscription.

Renew a Subscription:

  1. Navigate to the Memberships tab.

  2. [Click] on the Subscription ID for the subscription you would like to renew. The subscription record will open.

  3. [Click] the Renew action. You will be taken to a newly created Sales Order record. By default, the Sales Order will automatically add a Sales Order Line that includes the subscription item being renewed, any applicable Package Items associated with the subscription item, a Posting Entity set to Receipt, and the Schedule Type set to Simple Receipt.


  4. Select the Ready for Payment button.

  5. If the Posting Entity is set to Receipt, click the Process Payment button, and type the appropriate payment information accordingly. 

The subscription has now been renewed and the transaction will be journaled in the General Ledger accordingly.