The system provides processes to manage Refunds. Refunds can be created and processed directly from a Receipt record via a paid Sales Order or Invoice.

When a customer has been overcharged or is returning faulty or unwanted products, the organization can issue a refund. Refunds can be made in the system for both ePayments (credit cards, etc.) and checks. If a customer overpays an Invoice and the Invoice Overpayment Credit Memo Limit value has been set, a Credit Memo will be automatically be configured.

Refunds can be full or partial. For example, the organization may wish to refund the cost of the merchandise, but not the cost of shipping. Or, the organization may want to refund the cost of the merchandise minus a restocking fee.

In the system, completing a refund transaction is a two-step process:

  1. Creating a Refund

  2. Processing a Refund

Learn how to create and process a refund in Creating and Processing a Refund.

Learn how to create an Invoice Adjustment in Adjusting Invoices.