Refund Requests can be enabled on individual Ticket Types with optional Refund Request Policy text.

How To Enable Refund Requests on a Ticket Type

  1. From the Create or Edit Ticket Type window, scroll down and check Enable Refund Request.
  2. In the Refund Request Policy text box, enter text for the Refund Request Policy.
  3. Click Save & Continue.
  4. Proceed to setting up or editing the event. 

Refund Request in the Community Portal Event

Attendees will then have the option to submit a Cancellation Request in the Manage Registration section of the Event.


This feature will only be available if the Enable Refund Request option has been enabled on the Ticket Type. The user must also have access to the Community Portal and have registered for a Lightning Event.

Request a Refund in the Community Portal

  1. From the Community Portal, the User should navigate to the Event they are registered for. 
  2. From the Event's page Navigation bar, click the Manage Registration button.


  3. Click the Ellipse button next to the registrants name.
  4. Select Cancellation Request from the menu.
  5. In the Cancellation Request window, click the Request button.

  6. Once an attendee has requested a refund, Refund Requested will be checked on their Attendee record.
  7. There is no automation to create and process a refund or cancel the attendee's registration.
    1. To refund, go to the original receipt and start the refund process by clicking
    2. In order to add the event ticket back to the available inventory, you must go to the attendee record and change the Status to Canceled.