Payments that are successful in GoCardless are then copied back into Fonteva in real-time (using a technology called WebHooks). GoCardless will notify Fonteva within 4 days about the status of a payment. Although most payments have their status copied back within the first day, you may wait up to 4 days after the due date in order to confirm that all payment statuses are correct.

For a full explanation of timescales involved in the Direct Debit Claim  process, see Direct Debit Timings.

The following will occur upon receiving a paid_out (succeeded) status for a payment from GoCardless:

  • Updates the E-Payment with the following information:

  • Updates the Scheduled Payment with the information below:

    When a Scheduled Payment has created a payment within GoCardless, the Is ProcessedSucceeded, and Payment Created checkboxes are selected. Once the payment is successfully processed by GoCardless and is paid out by the bank, the Is Payment Processed checkbox is selected.

    If there are errors with the payment in GoCardless, the Succeeded checkbox is deselected and the Has Errors checkbox becomes deselected. (The error detail will be visible in the e-payment.)

    If the payment gets cancelled within GoCardless, then the Is Cancelled checkbox becomes selected, and Is Payment Processed remains deselected.

  • Receipts - 

    • Once the E-Payment is marked as paid out, then a Receipt  and receipt lines are created and posted. Transactions are written to the Sales Ledger. The Receipt will then be available for viewing/downloading in the customer portal.

    • Staff can also print the Receipt as usual once it has been written and posted.

Whenever an Item is paid for using Direct Debit in the checkout process, it creates a cash Receipt-based Sales Order (as opposed to an invoice or accrual based sales order). This means that you only recognize the cash from the Direct Debit installments as they are paid out by GoCardless. The Sales Order and Sales Order Line will only ever reflect the total amount of cash from submitted E-Payments. However, the actual Receipt and corresponding Transactions will only be generated once the ePayment is marked as paid_out.