Receipts are created when payment is applied to a Sales Order, or when a refund has been issued. This process is automated for purchases made through the Community Portal or using Rapid Order Entry.

Receipt Lines are generated for every item purchased. Before payment is made, these items are listed as Sales Order Lines.

Accounting Impact: Sales Orders journal the receipt of payment at the time of posting. If the Receipt does not include an Invoice, it will generate a debit to the Deposit Account and a credit to the Revenue or Deferred Revenue Account. Scheduled Sales Orders recorded as a Cash Entry are only made with ePayments.

Access Receipts:

You can access your Receipts through the Receipts tab. You can locate this tab from the App Launcher. You can also access a Receipt from a Sales Order record via the Receipt related list.

You can view the customer's Receipt from the Receipt record. Click the Customer Receipt action to view the Receipt sent to the customer.

You can save this Receipt to your device. Right-click the Receipt and select Save As to save the Receipt as a Webpage. Select Print and Open PDF in Preview to access a PDF of the Receipt. Alternatively, you can print the Receipt.