This page allows organizations to collect information on potential members and applicants so that they are directed to the appropriate Membership tier or Membership Type by asking qualifying questions from a previously created form during the application process.

Creating a Qualifying Questions Page:

  1. From the Join Process Builder landing page, either create a new step or edit an existing step.

    1. To create a new step, Select the Qualifying Questions option from the Step Types drop down to open the Qualifying Questions Step page. 

  2. Enter a Page Title in the corresponding field.

  3. In the Instructions text box, Type Instructions as desired.

  4. From the Select Existing Form section, in the Form drop down menu, Select a previously created Form. See the Creating a Form page for more information on creating forms.

  5. Select your Next Step Lookup for the page you would like to have follow your Qualifying Questions Page.

    1. When selecting a page in the drop down, pages with dashes surrounding the Page Title (i.e.  --"Page"--) are referencing default Pages that have not yet been configured. Pre-configured pages will display in the list without the dashes.

  6. Click the Proceed to Next Step button OR Save and Return to Process Builder.