Direct Debit enabled items may be purchased by both authenticated and unauthenticated users in the Community Portal.

As of the Fonteva 20 Spring release, multiple orders are not supported with the Direct Debit payment option. The Direct Debit payment option will not be available when users attempt to purchase multiple orders at once.

To purchase enabled items:

  1. Add the Subscription Item with the relevant plan or other Direct Debit enabled items to the Shopping Cart. Proceed to Checkout.

  2. If you are an unauthenticated user, you will be prompted to log in or create an account when you get to the Checkout option.

  3. Select the Direct Debit Payment option.

  4. You will be directed to the Direct Debit Checkout page. If you have a saved mandate you will be prompted to Use Existing Mandate. This will allow you to:

    1. Select the date you want the payment to come out of the account. This is based on the dates set in the custom payment method, and will only show available dates that are left in the current month. By default it will show the soonest date that money can be taken from the account, which will be 7 days from the current day.

    2. Select the mandate you want to use for the payment from a list of saved mandates.

    3. Click on Use Existing Mandate to complete the Sales Order and submit the payment to GoCardless. 

Click on Setup New Mandate and the Set Up a New Mandate button displays.

  1. Click Setup New Mandate to go to the GoCardless interface to create a new mandate. Enter your name and address and bank details.

    1. The address should pre-populate with the shipping address from MemberNation.

    2. The bank details are automatically verified.

    3. The branding of this page will be what has been setup in your organisation's GoCardless account at

    4. SEPA payments - if GoCardless has enabled SEPA payments for you (this must be specifically requested for British organisations) and the member is in a European (non-British) country (by IP address), the interface will automatically request SEPA bank details, with the option to switch to UK Direct Debits. Non-European users will receive the form in the format of the country of origin of the organisation that set up the GoCardless account.

    5. You can use the following test bank account for your testing - Acct: 55779911, Sort: 200000.

  2. Click Confirm to return to the MemberNation Customer Portal.

  3. Click the first payment date (this refers to those you set up in Custom Payment Types), then click Confirm to complete payment.

  4. You will be redirected to a screen showing scheduled payments and when they are due to come out of the account. If you have monthly Direct Debits, twelve payments will display, whereas annual payments would display one payment. Payments from multiple Sales Orders will appear on this screen.

  5. Click Cancel to cancel mandates. 

    1. Click the mandate and confirm cancellation of that mandate.

    2. This automatically updates GoCardless in realtime and the cancellation request is pushed through to the bank. When you cancel a mandate and there are outstanding scheduled payments against it, you are asked if you want to transfer the outstanding payments to another valid mandate if one exists. If no other mandate exists or you select no, all outstanding scheduled payments are marked Is Cancelled and will not be submitted to GoCardless for payment (Note - This can be reported against in a list view or scheduled report).

  6. You can cancel individual payments if they are more than 10 days prior to the claim date. This can be done by clicking on the trash can icon at the right of the payment line. This opens a screen asking for confirmation of the cancellation of that payment. 

    1. This marks the scheduled payment as Is Cancelled so it will not be pushed through to GoCardless for payment. We recommend that you configure an automated workflow trigger on this action (on the Scheduled Payment) so that your staff members know that a payment has been cancelled and can take the appropriate action (like withholding member benefits). Because every organization will react differently to these cancellations, no fixed actions have been set up in MemberNation.

    2. The first payment can not be cancelled because it has already been submitted to Gocardless in the BACS process.