Use the Transfers Payable Account and Transfers Receivable Account fields on the Business  Group record to ensure funds are directed to the appropriate Business Groups and resulting transactions. The payments are allocated when a customer purchases Items from different Business Groups via a single Sales Order.


  • Configure two Business Groups: Business Group 1 with Transfers Payable Account, Business Group 2 with Transfers Receivable Account
  • Each Business Group must have an Item associated with it

Purchase Items from Separate Business Groups Using Rapid Order Entry

Staff users can use the Rapid Order Entry interface to create simple Receipts in the backend. Rapid Order Entry will maintain records of the Business Group for the Items associated with it on the Receipt Line related list when purchasing Items that are from separate Business Groups. There are two methods to access Rapid Order Entry: from an Open or Closed/Pending Sales Order or by going directly to the Contact and [Selecting] Rapid Order EntrySee the page for more information.


Staff users can only edit Sales Orders in Rapid Order Entry when they are Open or Closed/Pending. Sales Orders cannot be edited after they are posted.

  1. Navigate to a Contact page for one of your two Business Groups.
  2. Click the Rapid Order Entry action. The Rapid Order Entry page will open.

  3. Click in the Customer (Entity) field and enter the Account and/or Contact making the purchase. 
  4. Click in the Item Quick Add field to search for Items from the Business Group you wish to purchase from.
  5. Click Add to Order to add the desired Item to the Sales Order.

  6. Once all Items are added to the order, select Process Payment  under Items and click Go. The Process Payment page will open.
  7. Enter the payment information and click Process Payment.


    The Payment Information section will have only one Business Group and Deposit Account selected even though there are two Business Groups associated with this purchase. Once the payment is processed, separate Sales Order Lines are created for each of the Items and associated with each Item's related Business Group.

  8. The Receipt page will open after processing the payment. Click the link to the Sales Order to open the Sales Order page.

  9. On the Sales Order page, click Related to access the related lists for the Sales Order. 
  10. Scroll to the Sales Order Lines related list. This shows you the different Items that were charged in this Sales Order. A line is created for each item as well and as lines for shipping, taxes, and/or other charges. 

  11. To view the Business Group and Account associated with each Item in the Sales Order Lines section, click the Sales Order Line ID link for the Item. The Business Group and GL Account listed for the Item will display under Details.