The Product Flow page is the step in Join Process where a user will be assigned an item based on either a previously determined Filter Criteria or a specific Item selection. If the item has package items, these Items will also display on the Product Flow page.

Create a Product Flow Page:

  1. From the Join Process Builder landing page, either create a new Step or edit an existing step.

    1. To create a new Step, from Step Types ,drop down select the Product Flow option to open the Product Flow Step page. 

  2. Type a Page Title in the corresponding field.

    1. In the Instructions text box, type Instructions as desired.

  3. From the Item Selection section, select one of the following Item Selection Types and follow the corresponding directions below:

    1. Specific Item Selection: This option specifies that a user will be automatically assigned an Item on the Product Flow page based on the selection of a specific Item during an earlier Join Process step. 
      For Example: We have a Marketing Page with 3 Membership options listed and navigation by Item is configured.  When a user selects one of the Membership options they are directed to the Product Flow Page with that specific Membership Item listed. Each Membership option will have its own Product Flow page associated with it.

      1. Click the Specific Item Selection button.

      2. In the Item field, search and select one Item from the drop-down menu.

    2. Dynamic Item Selection: This option specifies that a user will be automatically assigned an Item on the Product Flow page based on Filter Criteria and/or Access Permissions.
      For Example: We have a Qualifying Questions page that contains a Form which asks for address information and maps to the user's Contact record. Once the user completes the Form, they are directed to the Product Flow page that will display the specific Item based on their State entered in the State field in the Form. Dynamic Item Selection requires either logging in as an Account or Contact via the Portal or an Authentication Page during the Join Process.

      1. Next to the Dynamic Item Selection header, click the Add Item button. This will display the Item field underneath the Item subheader. 

      2. In the Item field, search and select one Item from the drop-down menu. Make sure you are NOT searching from the Item Search field, as this will not work with the Dynamic Item Selection feature.

      3. If Access Permissions are desired, next to the desired Item, click on the Badge Types button. This opens the Badge Types modal.

        • From the Badge Types modal, drag and drop the desired Badge Types from the First textbox to the Second textbox.

        • Click Save when done selecting desired Badge Types. See the below section on the Badge Types modal for more information.

      4. If Filter Criteria are desired, next to the desired Item, click the Filter Criteria button. This opens the Create Filter modal.

        • Select the desired Object's (Accounts/Contacts Only) FieldsOperators, and Values for your Filter Criteria. 

        • Add additional rows of Filter Criteria as desired. Each new row acts as an AND Filter Logic. Meaning results must match all criteria listed from each row. OR Filter Logic is done by adding the same item multiple times with it's own Filter Criteria set.

        • Click Save when done selecting Filter Criteria. See the below section on the Filter Criteria modal for more information. If a user does not meet any of the defined Filter Criteria, no Item's will be assigned on the Product Flow page. However, if you want to specify a default Item to display when no Filter Criteria is met, check the Is Default checkbox next to the desired Item. Only one Item can be checked as a Default.

  4. Optional: check Final Step checkbox if this page will be in final step in the Join Process. This will display the Final Step Button Label and Final Step URL fields. 

    1. Type the desired name for the Final Step Button Label  i.e. "Next", "Continue", "Finish"

    2. Type a URL for the Final Step URL field, which will direct the user to the specified URL after clicking the Final Step Button.

  5. From Next Step Lookup drop down, select a desired Join Process Page to be the next step in the process. This an optional setting that can be applied depending on your particular Join Process.

    1. When selecting a page in the drop down, pages with dashes surrounding the Page Title (i.e.  --"Page"--) are referencing default Pages that have not yet been configured. Pre-configured pages will display in the list without the dashes.

  6. Once a selection is made for Next Step Lookup drop down the Next Step Button Label field displays. Type the desired name for the Next Step Button i.e. "Next", "Continue", "Select Item"

  7. Click the Proceed to Next Step button and the bottom of the page OR click the Save and Return to Process Builder from the top right corner of the page.