This feature is only available if Fonteva Multi-Currency is enabled.

Multi-Currency And Price Rules:

When Multi-Currency is enabled, you have the option to manage your Item’s price based on the different currencies supported by your Community Portal Store. This is helpful if you want to round up a converted price to a number that’s easier to manage (13.56 to 14.00, for example.)

Manage Currency Conversions In A Price Rule:

An item’s default price will reflect the Business Group’s default currency during item creation. The Price Rules builder is the only area where you will configure other currencies in the Price Rule.

  1. From the Price Rule Builder, locate the Manage Currencies section at the bottom.

  2. Click the Currency button. Currency, Price, and Tax-inclusive Price fields will generate.

  3. Select a Currency. All of the currencies enabled in your Store in the Fonteva Supported Currencies CSV field will be available in this picklist.

    1. Your Reporting Currency set in your Business Group will not show here since the Item’s price is displayed in that currency already by default.

  4. In the Price field, type the amount you want your Item to cost when the selected currency is in use. The Tax-inclusive Price field will automatically generate your entered amount with an added converted tax amount to show the price with tax included.

    1. The Tax-inclusive Price field will only display when Tax-inclusive Price is enabled for your Store.

Repeat steps 2-4 for all desired price rule currency conversion enabled for your store, minus the default currency. Click Save in the top-right corner when you are done.