If an organization wants to offer discounts to customers who pay for the entire Subscription or Membership up front, this can be achieved by using the Subscription Plan as the basis for a Price Rule.

Customers will see Subscription Plan options and pricing when they select a Subscription and add it to their Shopping Cart.

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and Select the Subscription Item that will receive discount pricing. The Subscription Item's record will open.

  2. Click the New Price Rule action. The Price Rules wizard will open. The DEFAULT (list) price should already be listed.

  3. In the Price Rules wizard, in the Name and Price fields, Enter a name and a price for the item.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  5. From the Price Rules Criteria section, in the Subscription Plan field, Enter the name of the Subscription Plan that the Price Rule will be applied to. Multiple Subscription Plans can be added to this field.

  6. Click Save.