You can create discounted prices for specific members based on Membership Status or loyalty discounts via Badges. Badges can be used as the driver for a Price Rule.

A Price Rule discount will be applied to any customer who has one of the specified Badge Types on their Contact record.

There are three important limitations to this feature:

  • Price Rules cannot be defined as a percentage of the list price. They must have a set price of their own.

  • Price Rules are defined at the item level, so each item to be discounted needs to have a set Price Rule.

  • If the same Price Rule needs to be applied to a large number of items, the Price Rule can be created on the Item Class and carried down to all items within that class created AFTER the Price Rule was created.

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and Select the item that will receive discounted pricing. The item's record will open.

  2. From the item record, Click the New Price Rule action. The Price Rules wizard will open. The DEFAULT (list) price should already be listed.

  3. In the Price Rules wizard, in the Name and Price fields, Enter a name and a price for the item.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  5. From the Price Rule Criteria section, in the Customer Badge Type field,Select the Badge Type from the drop down menu. Multiple Badge Types can be added to this field.

  6. Click Save.