Price Rules allow staff administrators to create discounts and other adjusted pricing for Subscriptions, Ticket Types, and any other item for sale.

Every item has a default Price Rule (the list price) that is created automatically when the item is created.

There are many reasons an item may be discounted. For example:

  • Customer is a member or part of a loyalty program.

  • Organization is offering limited time or seasonal sales.

  • Early-bird pricing on tickets.

  • Customer has a discount code.

  • Organization offers a discount for up-front payment of a subscription.

Price Rules can be created on the Item Class or the Item. If created on the Item Class, the Price Rule will automatically be applied to any item within that Item Class.

Price Rules have two kinds of parameters:

  • Usage Limits: specifies how many times the rule may be used.

  • Price Rule Criteria: defines the conditions that must be met in order for the customer to receive the discounted price.

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