Some of the most common user stories for Price Rules are:

  • Creating Price Rules with Source Codes
    This price rule will be applied when the customer enters the Source Code at checkout.

  • Creating Quantity Discount Price Rules
    This price rule will be active only when the customer is purchasing the quantities specified in the rule criteria. Customers purchasing fewer than the Min. Items Per Order or more than the Max. Items Per Order will not get the discount.

  • Creating Time-Bound or Time-Limited Discounts
    The system enables the configuration of time sensitive Price Rules, e.g., Early Bird Pricing or seasonal sale pricing.

  • Price Rules for Member or Loyalty Discounts
    Many organizations offer discounted pricing to members or loyal customers. MemberNation provides a way to identify these customers via Badges. Those Badges can be used as the basis for price rules.

  • Price Rules for Subscriptions
    Frequently, organizations want to offer discounts to customers who pay for the entire subscription or membership up front, rather than in installments. This can be achieved by using the Subscription Plan as the basis for a price rule.

  • Price Rules for New Contacts
    Troubleshooting for applying Price Rules when Create Contact for Attendee is enabled for events.