Update Your Org:

In order for you to enable 3DS2 on your Business Group’s payment gateway and meet SCA compliance, you will first need to make sure your org is updated to the latest patch for 2019 R1, 20Spring, or 20Spring.1. These are the versions where 3DS2 is supported. Versions below 2019 R1 will not support 3DS2, and you will not be able to enable 3DS2 for your payment gateways. If your org is on 2018 R2 or a version lower, you will be required to update to at least 2019 R1 1.0.33.

Update Directions For 20Spring And 20Spring.1:

Directions for updating to 20spring and 20Spring.1 are available in the Release Notes for these releases. Note that these are directions for updating to one major release from another. Please make sure you complete all directions given. We have linked to them below. Please open these links in a new tab so you can easily return to this guide:

If you are already on 20Spring or 20Spring.1, directions for updating to the latest patch are available here. Again, please open in a new tab.

Contact Fonteva support for updating to 2019 R1 1.0.33.

Next Steps:

When you have ensured your org is on the correct version to support 3DS2, you can move forward with Configuring A Payment Gateway With 3DS2 or Configuring A Stripe Payment Gateway With 3DS2 (for Stripe users only).