Invoice-type Sales Orders are adjusted for several reasons, such as adding a late fee to an overdue order or adding additional items to an order. Adding positive adjustments creates adjusting entries that are reflected in the customer's financial software

  1. Navigate to the Invoice-type Sales Order you wish to add an adjustment to.

  2. Navigate to the Sales Order Lines related list.

  3. Click New to create a new Sales Order Line. The new Sales Order Line modal will open.

  4. Select the Item you will be including in this adjustment.

  5. Check the Is Adjustment field.

    1. Check the Deferred Revenue Adjustment checkbox to identify the adjustment as a Deferred Revenue adjustment prior to saving and posting. The resulting transaction will adjust all deferred revenue transactions.

  6. Type the Adjustment Reason.

  7. Check the Is Posted line to generate the Transaction.

  8. Click Save.

Shipping and Tax Lines will get added to receipt-type Sales Orders on the Shipping and Taxes payment page, but you will need to add them manually for Invoice-type Sales Orders. Create an adjustment for any required shipping or tax cost for adjustments made to your invoice.

The adjustment line is posted in the Sales Order Line related list. Adjusting entries are generated for reporting purposes. The Adjustments field on the Sales Order record populates with the sum of the value of the related Sales Order lines Total field. Any transactions dated prior to the Adjustment Date will have a date of the Adjustments Posted Date.