A number of features are not supported in Multi-Currency Beta. Some will be included in the upcoming 21Summer release, but others will not.

Planned Features:

These features are currently not available in 21Winter’s Multi-Currency Beta release but are planned for the upcoming 21Summer release.

  • Credit Memos

  • Transfers Payable And Receivable

  • Gains And Losses For Proforma Invoices

  • Form and Field Responses

Unsupported Features:

Multi-Currency is not supported in the following areas:

  • CPBase Portal

  • Pre-20Spring Invoices Object

  • Join Process

We also will not be updating the Fonteva Conversion Table in the future. There’s no integration with third-party vendors that updates this information, preventing updates in the future.

Limited Support:

Direct Debit GoCardless: At this time, GoCardless only supports the British pound sterling (GBP) currency. If customers chose any other currency on the portal, Multi-Currency will work as expected, but the Direct Debit payment option will not be available at checkout. Customers can still finalize their orders via other payment methods.