The Payouts object lists all payouts made on your Fonteva Payments account. Each Payout record represents a transfer of funds to or from your organization’s merchant bank account.

You can use the Payouts object to help manage payment reconciliation tasks in Fonteva. For example, you could identify the individual charges associated with each Payout, add Activities to Payout records, or build Salesforce workflows around your reconciliation processes.

Tip. Leverage Salesforce automation to notify specific people every time a payout has been created. Refer to Salesforce’s Automate Your Business Processes pages for details.

The Payouts Object



Payout Name

The unique name for the Payout record.

Payout ID

The unique system identifier for the Payout record.

Gross Amount

The total amount for all charges applied to the Payout.


The amount collected in payment processing fees.

Deposit Amount

The amount that will be paid out to the merchant’s bank account.

The Payout Record

The Details tab displays financial information about the payout.



1. Header

The record header summarizes the payout status, arrival date, amount, and application fee. Select Printable View to print a record report.

2. Status

The payout status, Paid or Unpaid.

3. Payout Name

The unique name for the Payout record.

4. Arrival Date

The date the Deposit Amount of the Payout record is expected to arrive in your merchant bank account.

5. Created Date

The date and time the Payout record was created.

6. Gross Amount

The total amount of all charges on the Payout record.

7. Fee

The total amount of all application fees associated with the charges on the Payout record.

8. Deposit Amount

The amount intended to be deposited to your merchant bank account (Gross Amount - Fees).

9. Metadata and System Information

System identification information.

The Related tab lists all Charge records – Payments, Refunds, and Transfers – included in the selected Payout record. Use this tab to easily access all Charge records related to the selected payout.

Hover over the Charge Name links to view a snapshot of the Charge records related to the payout.

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