Customers and staff users can manage saved Payment Methods from the both the Community Portal and the backend, respectively.


Create Payment Method:

  1. Navigate to the Contact you want to create a Payment Method for.
  2. On the Contact page, click Related to access the related lists for the Contact.
  3. Scroll to the Payment Methods related list and click New. The Payment Methods management page will open.

  4. Click + New Credit Card. A New Credit Card window will open.

  5. Enter the credit card information in the fields provided. Include a Billing Address if desired.

  6. Click Save to create the new Payment Method. This Payment Method will now be available to use in checkout.

Manage Payment Methods

  1. From the Payment Methods management page, click the pencil icon. An edit modal will open.

  2. Modify the payment information and/or address. Click Save when complete to apply your changes.

  3. To delete a Payment Method, click the trashcan icon.

  4. A confirmation modal will open. Click Delete to delete the payment method.