The My Company Info menu item is only visible for portal users who have been been granted permission to access the menu item.

Staff users will need to provide Access Permissions to grant access to this menu item. Without this permission set, this menu item will not display.

By default, My Company Info will display the following fields:

  • Edit My Company Info:Account Name

  • Account Email

  • Account Phone

  • Billing Street

  • Billing City

  • Billing State/Province

  • Billing Zip/Postal Code

  • Billing Country

You can edit these fields if you have the correct permissions. Click Change to make the fields editable. System Administrators can update these fields via the Profile Account Fieldset CSV field on the Community Site Object. This can only be accessed through Salesforce Classic, as fieldsets are only available in Classic at this time.

Type your changes and click Save to apply them. Data binding has been applied to this page, so any changes made by staff users to the Account record will apply to the My Company Info page, and vice versa.