Change Currency In The Community Portal:

With the Fonteva Multi-Currency Critical Update enabled and configured for your org, your customers can choose which currency they prefer to experience.

Currency Picker:

Community Portal users can select which currency they would like to use with the Currency Picker.

The Currency Picker will display the ISO code of any currency added to the Store under the Fonteva Supported Currencies field. Click the Currency Picker and select your desired currency from the list of available currencies. The Community Portal will refresh and display monetary values converted to your selected currency.

If you change the currency while items are in your shopping cart, you will receive a warning that your cart will be emptied. If you confirm, your currency will change and all items and event registrations in your shopping cart will be removed from the cart.

You are unable to change your currency from the Checkout screen.

Next Steps:

Learn how your customers can change currency in the following areas: