The Salesforce Reports feature enables you to design and present your data in an organized, easy-to-read format. Fonteva’s optional MemberNation Reports package enhances standard Salesforce Reports by providing custom reports designed by Fonteva to highlight your membership, events, and finance data.

Related Documentation: Fonteva uses standard Salesforce Reports. For more information, review the Salesforce trailhead on Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience.



FON Account Invoices by Month

Custom link on the Account object. To report on monthly invoices due by account.

FON Active Memberships by State, City

Active membership grouped by State and City with customers and dues totals.

FON Aged A/R Report

Unpaid posted invoices grouped by customer. Age is defined by the number of days since the invoices was posted.

FON Aged A/R by Product Class

Aged unpaid invoices by product type.

FON Annual Subscription Comparison

Compares subscriptions by the year they were activated.

FON Assignments by Subscription

All assignments by subscription.

FON Attendee Form Responses

Feeds the custom link that dynamically shows reports from any Event record detail. To report on submitted forms for Event Attendees.

FON Attendee Form Responses by Event

Submitted forms for Event Attendees.

FON Attendee and Registration Items

All event attendees and their registration items.

FON Batch Summary

Receipts grouped by batch.

FON Community Groups with Members

All community groups and their members.

FON Contact Invoices by Month (Link)

Custom link on the Contact object. To report on open invoices grouped by month.

FON Deferred Revenue Report

Summarized view of all Transactions that include Deferred Revenue within a given period.

FON ePayments with Items - Last 30 Days

ePayments made in the last 30 days with customer and item details. For reconciliation of credit card and EFT payments with merchant account. Grouped by ePayment Status.

FON Event Attendee Report

Can be found on the Event's Custom Links section of the detail page. Shows all attendees and registration items.

FON Event Form Response Count

Aggregates event form responses to get a count of different responses for questions. Best used for forms with definitive answers.

FON Event Revenue - Annual Comparison

Year over year revenue for all event sales.

FON Form Responses

All form responses grouped by form.

FON Form Responses by Form

Attached to a custom link on the form record detail. Shows all form responses for a particular form.

FON Journal Entries

All journal entries

FON Last Month's Sales by Item

Total dollar value of sales made last month, grouped by Item. Created by looking at Credit revenue entries based on Created Date. Note, this is not a revenue report as it is reported by created date not transaction date.

FON Member Count by Membership Type

Counts number of members by Membership Type. Includes both individual and organizations (counts by subscription and subscriber).

FON Month's Subscription Renewals

Subscriptions ending in the current month.

FON Monthly Event Registration Revenue

Money earned on all event registrations by month.

FON Monthly Event Revenue

Monthly revenue for an event.

FON Monthly Renewal Comparison

Number of renewals by month categorized by item.

FON Monthly Subscription Renewals

Monthly aggregate of subscriptions up for renewal in the current year.

FON Overdue Invoice Report

All overdue invoices grouped by customer.

FON Sales Orders for Deletion

All Sales Orders without any Sales Order Lines that are more than 1 week old.

FON Subscriptions Ending Today

All customers whose subscriptions end today.

FON Subscriptions by Type

Number of monthly subscriptions purchased by month

FON Transfer Transactions

Transfers payables and receivable by business group.

FON Trial Balance

Balances for each GL Account in the system

FON Year over Year Item Sales

Matrix report of Item sales calendar year over year. Based on transaction credits created date. Not a revenue report.