What is Marketplace?

The Fonteva Marketplace is the official home to all solutions that help you to extend the Fonteva Platform. Whether connecting Fonteva to other business critical systems, adding extension applications to enhance the user experience, or taking advantage of specialized services from our partner ecosystem, the Marketplace is designed to help your organization meet its strategic goals with ease. The documentation below covers the applications currently available to connect with our Core applications. Read through to learn how your organization can successfully use these apps to be more efficient and add additional functionality to your environment.


Marketplace Extension Apps and Connector are licensed with support offerings from Fonteva Customer Success. If your organization is using a paid subscription/licensed product* please enter a case with our support team via FUNcommunity and it will be routed to the appropriate resources. Escalated support paths exist with the Fonteva Marketplace Team, if required.

*Accelerators downloaded or installed from the Fonteva Marketplace do not fall under this support statement. Any support required will be billed on a time & material basis.

For More Information: 

Before adopting any extension apps, connectors, or accelerators, please reach out to the Customer Success team CSManagers@fonteva.com to discuss what options and discounts may be available to your organization.

Our Apps: