A Marketing Page displays a list of items with an item description. It allows users to view their options and compare and contrast the benefits of specific items or Memberships.

Create a Marketing Page:

  1. Create a new Join Process or select an existing Join Process.

    1. For a new Join Process, progress to the Join Process Builder. Follow the steps on the Join Process Getting Started page. Once completed, continue to step 2.

    2. For an existing Join Process, click the Edit action to launch the Join Process Builder.

  2. From the Join Process Builder landing page, either create a new step or edit an existing step.

    1. To create a new Step, from Step Types drop down select the Marketing option to open the Marketing Step page. 

    2. If the Marketing page is already created, click the pencil icon next to the Marketing page to open the Marketing Step page. 

  3. From the Marketing Step page, underneath the Marketing Step section, type a Page Title in the corresponding field.

  4. In the Instructions text box, type instructions as desired.

  5. Under the Navigation section header, select your navigation method - Item or Step

    1. By selecting Item, your members will see navigation buttons next to the individual Items on the Marketing page. This will add the Next Step Lookup drop down field to the Marketing Item modal see steps below.

    2. By selecting Step, your members will only see a navigation button at the bottom of the Marketing page. This will add the Next Step Lookup drop down field underneath the Navigation section on the Marketing Step page. The Final Step checkbox is also added to check to select a page as the final page in the Join Process.

  6. From the Create Item Group and items for your Marketing Page section, click the Add Group button. This will open the Grouping modal. Groups are used to organize items underneath a group heading on the marketing page.

  7. From the Grouping modal, in the Group Label field type a Group Name and click Save when doneRepeat the process to create any additional groups for the organization of your items on the marketing page.

  8. A newly created Group row is added.

  9. From the Group row, click the Add Item button to open the Marketing Item modal.

  10. From the Marketing Item modal, from the Item Search drop down, select your desired Item. The item must already be created in the system.

  11. From the Marketing Item modal, add an Item Description and Item Label in the corresponding fields, and check the Is Published checkbox as desired.

    1. If you selected Navigation by Item, the Next Step Lookup drop down field will be displayed.

      • From Next Step Lookup drop down, select a desired Join Process Page to be the next step in the process. This an optional setting that can be applied depending on your particular Join Process.

      • When selecting a page in the drop down, pages with dashes surrounding the Page Title (i.e.  --"Page"--) are referencing default Pages that have not yet been configured. Pre-configured pages will display in the list without the dashes.

      • Once a selection is made for Next Step Lookup drop down the Next Step Button Label field displays. Enter the desired name for the Next Step Button, i.e. "Next", "Continue", "Select Item"

  12. From the Marketing Item modal, click the desired option when available.

    1. Save - to return to the Marketing Step page where you can continue to configure additional groups or items. 

    2. Proceed to Next Step - This will proceed to the next step that you selected in the Next Step Lookup drop down.

  13. Optional: from the Marketing Step page, underneath the Group header, drag and drop Items into the desired order. This is available if you have multiple groups and/or items added to the page. Items can only be reordered within the same Group.

  14. From the top right corner, click the Save and Return to Process Builder button. If you selected Navigation by Item, you will select your Next Step Lookup in the Marketing Item modal per each individual Item.