Manually Create a Sales Order:

  1. Navigate to the Sales Order tab

  2. Click New. The New Sales Order modal will open.

  3. From the New Sales Order modal, in the Information section, provide a Contact and its Account.

  4. Select an Entity. This will determine whether the Account or Contact is responsible for payment.

  5. Select a Posting Entity. This is the entity the Sales Order is posted to (either an Invoice or through a single Receipt as a cash sale.)

    1. If the Posting Entity is Invoice, the Sales Order will be converted to an Invoice-Type Sales Order. See Convert a Sales Order to an Invoice for more information on this.

  6. Select a Schedule Type pick-list option to set a schedule for payment if desired. Options in the pick-list depend on the Posting Entity selected

  7. Click Save.

The new Sales Order will be created. Its Status field will read as Draft. This is the first Status of a new Sales Order.

Manually Create Sales Order Lines:

Sales Order Lines are automatically created for every Item (merchandise, shipping, taxes, etc.) added to the Shopping Cart in the Community or when staff users use Rapid Order Entry. Sales Order Lines can also be manually added to a Sales Order to indicate the Items to be purchased.

Whenever you have a Sales Order with a Posting Entity of Invoice and you need to make changes to the prices or a schedule, if the Invoice is not Posted, you can check the checkbox Refresh to update the Invoice. If the Invoice is Posted, you must make an Adjustment and post the line to make these changes.

To add Sales Order Lines to your Sales Order:

  1. Navigate to the Sales Order Lines related list and click New. The New Sales Order Line modal will open.

  2. Search for Items to add to the Sales Order Line in the Items field. Type your terms and select from the results generated.

  3. If you want to purchase more than one of the same Item, type a quantity in the Quantity field.

  4. Click Save to complete creating the Sales Order Line.

Your new Sales Order Line will display in the Sales Order Line related list. If your Item has taxes or shipping included, you will see Sales Order Lines generated for those items as well.

From here you can continue creating Sales Order Lines to add more items to your Sales Order.