Staff can complete payments on Sales Orders using Direct Debit checkout.

As of the Fonteva 20 Spring release, multiple orders are not supported with the Direct Debit payment option. The Direct Debit payment option will not be available when users attempt to purchase multiple Sales Orders at once.

This is not currently available for Rapid Order Entry, so the Sales Orders must be manually created for Direct Debit Checkout. 

  1. Create a Sales Order

    1. To complete payments on Sales Orders:

      1. Manually create a new Sales Order against your contact.

      2. Add the Direct Debit Item as a Sales Order Line.

      3. Click the Ready for Payment action to switch the order's status from Draft to Open.

  2. Direct Debit Checkout

    1. From the drop-down arrow on the top right of the screen, select Direct Debit Checkout. This option is enabled when there are Direct Debit enabled items in the Sales Order.

    2. This should go through to the same screen that the customers in the member portal would see, with the ability to check out using an existing mandate or create a new one. See Purchasing Items with Direct Debit in the Customer Portal.

  3. Completed Sales Order

    1. You are redirected back to the Sales Order after checkout, and the Sales Order now has some additional information:

      1. Payment Method - This is now set as the GoCardless mandate with the GoCardless mandate reference number.

      2. Valid Payment Method - Now selected if the mandate is active.

      1. Direct Debit Details - Now completed with the first payment date.

  4. Scheduled Payments - These are all generated for all installments in the Sales Order.

    1. Each Scheduled Payment has:

      1. The Is Processed flag if it has been processed for submission to GoCardless.

      2. Succeeded ticked if it has been successfully submitted to GoCardless.

      3. A token populated referring to the mandate ID in GoCardless.

      4. An API Response  which shows the communication log for this payment between GoCardless and MemberNation.

      1. Has the GoCardless Payment ID populated which gives a unique reference to the payment in GoCardless.

  5. E-Payments

    1. Against each Scheduled Payment (in the related lists), you will also find an E-Payment created when the payment is submitted to GoCardless. This E-Payment is what will get updated in real-time with any changes to the payment in GoCardless (like when it is submitted, succeeded and paid out or failed). Under Direct Debit Response you will also find the complete communication log for this payment that comes directly from GoCardless.

  6. Cancellations

    1. To Cancel a Payment as a staff member go to the Scheduled Payment and select the Cancel Payment in GoCardless checkbox then click Save. This will push out a cancellation to GoCardless for this payment, and update the cancelled date and the Direct Debit Response Date, as well as the status on the Scheduled payment.

      1. You cannot cancel payments that have already been submitted to the bank - this will normally be 10 days before the payment is due. You can attempt to cancel the payment within the GoCardless interface at shorter notice. Any cancellations there will automatically update in the payment in MemberNation.

      2. For cancelled payments, staff may need to manually adjust the other payments in an installment schedule so that the total amount for a subscription is paid off.

      3. To Cancel a Mandate as a staff member, go to the Sales Order and click on the Payment method link. Click the Is Active Checkbox, then click Save. This will deactivate the mandate in MemberNation and cancel it in GoCardless

  7. Retry Payment  - After a payment failure, staff users can retry a payment by selecting the Retry Payment in GoCarldess checkbox.

  8. Create Payment in GoCardless -  This is an exception for when a staff user wants to create a payment in advance or for a specific time. The scheduled job will pick up this payment and submit it to GoCardless 10 days before it is due to be paid, therefore this only works for payments that have not allready been submitted to GoCardless.