Direct Debit Renewals work off the back of the regular Auto Renewals process. This process is described in detail in the Invoice and Auto-Renew Options document. It is expected that anyone configuring Direct Debit Renewals will first have had proper training on the regular Auto-Renewal.

The process that happens during a Direct Debit Renewal is as follows:

  1. Auto Renew scripts run nightly and pick up all Subscriptions whose Days to Invoice value is equal to the Days to Lapse and that have a processed date that is less than than the present date. These particular subscriptions are renewed, and a Sales Order is created with the first Scheduled Payment Installment. Once the Sales Order is posted, it will create all the remaining ones.

  2. Direct Debit Scripts run nightly a little after the Auto Renew scripts have completed. These scripts do the following:

    1. Looks for all the Scheduled Payments that are Direct Debit enabled. For each Scheduled Payment that is due in 10 days, the tool submits the payment to GoCardless via the GoCardless API and writes an e-payment against the Scheduled Payment with a status of Created.

  3. GoCardless then does the following:

    1. Submits the payment to the bank, and updates the status of the payment to Submitted - this is pushed as an update to the E-Payment in MemberNation.

    2. Confirms the payment  with the bank and updates the status of the e-payment to Confirmed in MemberNation. If the payment submission fails, it will write the status and failure reason back to MemberNation.

    3. Marks the payment as paid-out (succeeded) once the payment is received from the bank and updates MemberNation with this status. MemberNation updates the E-Payment with the following information.

  4. MemberNation also updates the Scheduled Payment with the information below:

    1. Receipts - once the E-Payment is marked as paid_out, a Receipt and receipt lines are created and posted. Transactions are written to the Sales Ledger. The Receipt will then be available for viewing/downloading in the customer portal.