Staff users can create a Direct Debit Mandate for a customer from the backend.

  1. Navigate to the Contact record you want to add a mandate to.

  2. Click Related to view the related lists and scroll down to Payment Methods.

  3. Click New. The Payment Methods page will open.

  4. Scroll down the Payment Methods page and click New Direct Debit Mandate. The Direct Debit Mandate Creation page will open.

  5. Enter your information in the appropriate fields. Include your sort code and account number in the appropriate fields.

  1. To enter an IBAN code instead, click or enter IBAN. An IBAN field will replace the sort code and account number fields.

  • Enter your address information in the Billing Address, Town or City, and Post Code fields.

  1. Click Find your address to generate your address from your post code.

  • Check More than one person is required to authorize Direct Debits if more than one person is required to authorize. Further directions will be provided after completing the mandate.

  • Click Set up Direct Debit to create the mandate. You will navigate to the confirmation page.

  • The confirmation page will display all of the details from the mandate. Check to make sure the information is correct and click Confirm to confirm your details. Click Change to return to the previous page and change your information.

  1. If you checked More than one person is required to authorize Direct Debits, click View your Direct Debit instruction to access a PDF instruction sheet that will be signed by all people required to authorize the Direct Debit Mandate.

The new Direct Debit Mandate will show up in the Direct Debit Mandate table on the Payment Methods page.

Delete Direct Debit Mandate

To delete a Direct Debit Mandate from a Contact’s Payment Methods:

  1. Click the trashcan icon associated with the Direct Debit Mandate you want to delete.

  2. A Cancel Mandate window will open. Click Confirm to complete deleting the mandate.


    Once this Mandate is deleted, you cannot create any future payments for it.