You can manage different aspects of your Group from your Group's page.

You can view an overview of your Group's information in the Group Details section.

You can share information, images, and files to your Group by creating a post to the Group's feed.

Events associated with your Group will display in the Events section.

Manage Picture:

Your Group's picture displays at the head of your Group's page. Click the picture to access a dropdown list of actions.

Select View Photo to view your Group's picture in a modal.

Select Update Photo to access the Update Photo modal.

Your current photo will display. Click Upload Image to upload a new image from your device. Click Save to apply your changes.

Manage Notifications:

Click Manage Notifications to determine your level of notifications. The Manage Notifications modal will open.

Select from the options available. Your selection will automatically be applied and the modal will close.

Your current selection will display in the top-right corner of the header. You can also click this to open the Manage Notifications modal.

Delete Group:

Click Delete Group to delete your Group. A confirmation modal will open.

Select Delete Group to delete the Group.

Manage Members:

You can manage your Members from multiple areas on your Group's page.

From the Group header, click the dropdown arrow next to Delete Group. The option to Manage Members will open.

Select Manage Members. The Manage Members modal will launch.

Type names in the Search field and click + Add to a Contact as a Member.

To remove an existing Member, click X.

To upgrade a Member to a Manager - or vice-versa - click the Member button and select Manager from the dropdown list.

Click Done to apply your changes.

You can also perform these actions from the Manage Members section of your Group page.

You can view all of your current Group Members in the Members section. Click View All to view all of your Members.

A new page will open with a table of all your Members.


You can upload files to your Group from the Files section.

Drag and drop files to this area or click Upload Files to upload a files from your device.

You can also click Add Files from the dropdown arrow in the Files section to add files.

The Select Files modal will launch. From here you can upload files and view available files.

Click View All to view all of your Group's files.

A new page will open with a table to view all of your Group's files.

There are options to view a file's details, download a file, and other options from this table.