Manage Active Currencies:

Because Fonteva utilizes Salesforce’s currency display functions in its multi-currency feature, you will need to manage the currencies you want to support in Salesforce’s Multiple Currencies, which we enabled previously. These should be the same currencies you selected in the Currency Conversion Table.

The currencies you enable here in the Active Currencies table must match the currencies you used to create conversion rates in the Fonteva Currency Conversion Table. If the same types of currencies do not appear in both tables, those currencies will not be accessible in your org and in the Community Portal. This will be discussed further in the Currency Conversion Table (Fonteva) article.

For example: If JPY (Japanese Yen) is enabled in Salesforce’s Active Currencies table but not in Fonteva’s Currency Conversion table, JPY currency will not be available in your org and Community Portal.

Active Currencies Table:

You’ll manage the currencies you want to support from the Active Currencies table.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Company Settings > Company Information > Currency Setup.

  2. The Active Currencies table displays all of your active currencies in Salesforce. At the moment, you should only see your Corporate Currency enabled. This was set when creating your org in Salesforce.

  3. To activate a new currency, click New. A New Currency page will open.

  4. Select your new currency from the Currency Type picklist.

  5. The Conversion Rate and Decimal Place fields are required for enabling a currency. The values you enter in these fields will have no effect, as you will configure your conversion rates on the Fonteva Currency Conversion table. We recommend entering 1 in the Conversion Rate field and 2 in the Decimal Rate field to keep things simple.

  6. Click Save to finish activating the new currency. You can also click Save & New if you want to activate multiple currencies in one go.

Activate all of the currencies you want to support in your org. You will only be able to successfully create currency conversion rates in the Fonteva Currency Conversion Table if they already are active in Salesforce.

Next Steps:

Next, you will set up your conversion rates for your currencies. Learn how in Currency Conversion Table (Fonteva).