The following are Fonteva Direct Debits limitations:

  • As of the Fonteva 20 Spring release, multiple orders are not supported with the Direct Debit payment option. The Direct Debit payment option will not be available when users attempt to purchase multiple Sales Orders at once.

  • Direct Debit Checkouts do not currently work with Rapid Order Entry for staff, so staff must create Sales Orders manually and then click Direct Debit Checkout on Sales Orders. This is on the Direct Debit Product Roadmap.

  • GoCardless does not work on a file upload/download mechanism. All transactions are through their API

    • However if you are on their Pro version, they will allow you to submit files for payments manually. You would then need to download reports of payments and manually import into Salesforce using data loader.

  • GoCardless has bulk API usage limits of 1000 transactions per minute. We have so far successfully tested 150,000 transactions in a day. If you require higher volumes than this, please contact your Customer Success Analyst or Project Manager if you need to test at higher volumes.

  • Multiple Business Groups - Fonteva Direct Debits supports multiple Business Groups, but each Business Group must have its own GoCardless account and API Service connection. The GoCardless connection used by a payment method is stipulated on the payment method in the GoCardless Connection field and will by default be the Business Group of the store where the mandate was first created.

  • Direct Debit Payments created during checkout must be submitted a minimum of 7 days before the claim date. Therefore, customers will not be allowed to choose a day of the month that is earlier sooner than 7 days before the claim date for the initial payment date.

  • Existing scheduled payments are automatically submitted to GoCardless 10 days before they are due by the Direct Debit Scheduler scripts. Therefore, changing the scheduled payments closer to the claim date than 10 days is not allowed.