Getting Started:

  1. Navigate to the Join Process tab.

  2. Click the New button. The Join Process Builder will open.

  3. Type a Join Process Display Name in the corresponding field. 

  4. Check the Is Published checkbox if desired.

  5. Check the Enable Access Permissions checkbox if desired.

    1. If Enabling Access Permissions checkbox, click the Select Badge Types button to open the modal and select the desired Badge Types to restrict permissions.

  6. From the Step Types dropdown field, select the Step you would like to create. You will have the following options:

    • Marketing Page

    • Authentication Page

    • Qualifying Questions Page

    • Product Flow Page

    • Payment Page

    • Confirmation Page

    • Custom Page

After selecting a Step click the Add Step button.  Make sure to check the Is First Step checkbox on the Step's page in the Builder when creating the First Step. The first step created WILL NOT default to Is First Step.

When a user checks the Is First Step checkbox and Is Published checkboxes, a URL will generate on the Salesforce record. This landing URL will be generated from your Community, with additional parameters added depending your configured Steps. The URL consists of https://[COMMUNITY SITE URL]/joinapi__membershiplist?id=[ID OF FIRST STEP IN THE PROCESS]&order=1

You will also find the following on the Join Process Landing page:

  • Step column - Shows all created steps of the Join Process (Only appears once a step(s) has been created).

  • Next Step column - Shows the step that follows the created Step. 

  • Edit in Salesforce Button - Shows the Salesforce edit view for Join Process.

  • Edit (Pencil) Button - Takes you the Step page to make any additional changes to the step (Pencil Icon next to the step - see below).

  • Delete (Trash Can) Button - Deletes the step related to the join process. (Trashcan Icon next to the step - see below).

  • Exit - Returns the person to the Salesforce view of the Join Process record.

  • Add Step - User will navigate to the step configuration for that page type.

  • Save: Save the record

  • Save & Exit: Saves the record and closes the Join Process Builder.