The SubscriptionBatchableScheduler is required to set up Auto-Renew. Please read more on the Scheduled Jobs page. You may require your System Administrator to perform this action for you.

The Auto Renew option is used for Calendar and Termed Subscription Plans only. Invoice-type Sales Orders will no longer be offered as a payment method when users check out with a Subscription with Auto-Renew enabled.

Set Up a Subscription for for Auto-Renew:

If you choose to enable Auto-Renew, we recommend having your System Administrator disable the Invoice payment method for recurring payments. This prevents users from delaying payment on their subscriptions. To disable invoices as a payment method for recurring payments:

  1. Click the lightning gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Setup. The Setup page will open in a new tab in your browser.

  2. From the Setup page, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find search field.

  3. Select Custom Metadata Types from the results generated. The Custom Metadata Types page will open.

  4. Select Manage Records from the Action column for Custom Payment Type Template. The Custom Payment Type Templates page will open.

  5. Select Edit from the Action column for the Offline Custom Payment Type Template. The Custom Payment Tye Template Edit page will open.

  6. Uncheck the Available for Recurring Payments field.

  7. Click Save.

  8. From the Subscription Plan record, in the Invoicing and Auto-Renew Options section, select the desired Auto Renew Option from the picklist.

    1. Disabled - Turns off Auto Renew for all related subscriptions in the Community Portal.

    2. Enabled - Allows subscription beneficiaries to turn on Auto Renew for related subscriptions in the Community Portal.

    3. Required - Enables Auto Renew without option. If selected, then the Require Payment Method checkbox must be checked.

  9. Optionally, IF the Auto Renew Option is set to Enabled or Required, you MUST also enter a value into the Invoice Days Variable field. The Invoice Days Variable field is used to invoice subscribers "X" number of days prior to the subscription expiration date. A custom Salesforce workflow must be created, to communicate an Invoice has been created.

Set Up Automatic Payments Against Invoices:

The Enable Automatic Invoice Payment field allows users to automatically pay an invoice for a Subscription instead of having to manually pay the invoice on the designated due date. This field is optional and must be added to the Subscription Plan object layout by a System Administrator. More information on editing page layouts can be found in Modify Page Layouts under System Documentation. The Enable Automatic Invoice Payment field must be added to each individual Subscription Plan object you wish it to appear on.

Once the Enable Automatic Invoice Payment field has been added to the Subscription Plan layout, you will be able to access this field within the Subscription Plan. To enable automatic invoice payments in a Subscription Plan:

  1. From the desired Subscription Plan Detail page, click the Edit button.

  2. In the Information section, check the Enable Automatic Invoice Payment field. 

  3. The box for Require Payment Method also gets checked if it wasn’t already. This ensures that there is a payment method that can be charged for the automatic invoice payment.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

From here on out, payments will be automatically scheduled against invoices for the Subscription Items associated with this Subscription Plan. The users payment method will be charged automatically on the designated Invoice Due Date to pay for their subscription.