Fonteva’s Webinar Sync app is installed using a managed package. After receiving a link to the package via email, complete the following three steps to install Webinar Sync.

The installation process requires working with Fonteva in multiple browser tabs. For ease of use, keep each tab open until the installation is complete.

Step 1: Install Webinar Sync

  1. Open the Webinar Sync package installation link provided by Fonteva.

  2. If prompted to log in, enter your Fonteva credentials.

  3. Select Install for All Users.

  4. Select the I acknowledge that I'm installing a Non-Salesforce Application… checkbox.

  5. Select Install.

  6. If the Approve Third-Party Access window appears, select the Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites checkbox, then select Continue. You will receive an email when the installation is complete.

  7. After receiving the “Package Webinar Api Install Successful” email notification, select Done. The Installed Packages screen opens in Salesforce.

  8. On the Installed Packages screen, confirm the Fonteva - WebinarAPI package is listed.

Step 2: Update Page Layouts

Related documentation: For detailed instructions, refer to the Modify Page Layouts page. System Admin permissions are required to update Fonteva page layouts.

  1. Add the Webinar Sync Lightning Action to the Events page.

  2. Add the optional fields listed below to the Events and Attendee pages as desired. The values of fields added to Event and Attendee pages will sync to the associated Zoom meeting or webinar.

Events Page

Alternative Hosts

Close Registration?

Email Notification?

Enforce Login Domains

HD Video

Host Video

Mute on Entry

Panelist Video


Post Webinar Survey URL

Post Webinar Survey?

Practice Session

Require Authentication?



Webinar Agenda

Webinar Allow Multiple Devices

Webinar Approval Type

Webinar Audio

Webinar Audio Recording

Webinar Duration

Webinar Duration Calc

Webinar Host ID

Webinar ID

Webinar Join URL

Webinar Occurrence ID

Webinar On Demand

Webinar Registration Type

Webinar Show Share Button

Webinar Time Zone

Webinar Type ID

Webinar UUID

Attendee Page

Join Time

Leave Time

Registrant ID

Registrant Join URL


Webinar UUID

Zoom Import ID

Step 3: Finalize the Install

Related documentation: For detailed instructions on using Access Manager, refer to the Run Access Manager page. System Admin permissions are required to update Fonteva page layouts.

  1. Add the “Webinar Sync Setup” Permission Set to the System Administrator account(s).

    1. At the top-right, go to Setup > Setup.

    2. In the left navigation bar, Administration heading, select Users > Users.

    3. Locate a System Administrator account, then select the Full Name field.

    4. In the Quick Links area below the user name, select Permission Set Assignments.

    5. Next to Permission Set Assignments, select Edit Assignments.

    6. In the Available Permission Sets listbox, select Webinar Sync (Admin), then select Add.

    7. Select Save.

    8. Repeat steps b through g for other System Administrator accounts as needed.

  2. Run Access Manager.

Next Steps

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